Powder Coating Aluminium to Ensure a Great Finish

Powder Coating Aluminium to Ensure a Great Finish

Aluminium is a metal that has more natural corrosion resistance compared to other metals. Giving it a coating enhances the corrosion resistance and improves the aesthetics of the metal. Aluminium extrusions can be given many types of finishing – Painting, Anodizing or Powder Coating.

Powder Coating is a method of protection of the aluminium by which a coat of powder is sprayed on the surface of the metal to give it a specific decorative finish and protect it from corrosion and other weathering effects. Powder Coating is considered more durable than painting or other types of finishing  

The process of powder coating

Powder Coating aluminium is the process whereby electrostatically charged free-flowing dry paint in powder form is sprayed onto the surface of extrusions.

Pre-treating and cleaning the surface

As in most cases of metal coating, the proper preparation of the metal surface is important to ensure that the coating applied subsequently adheres to the surface of the metal. A proper preparation also ensures that optimum protection and durability is provided for the metal against all types of corrosion. Powder coating as the name suggests doesn’t require a binding solvent like that is required in liquid coats. Hence, it’s even more important that the surface of every extrusion is properly pre-treated. The pre-cleaning process done on the extrusions eliminates grease, oils, surface oxides and other contaminating foreign particles that prevents proper adhesion of the coating. A good pre treatment ensures that the powder coat doesn’t flake off.

Applying powder on the extruded surfaces

The powder is sprayed on the surface with an electrostatic spray gun. The positive charge in this makes the powder bond with the electrically-grounded extrusion.

Heating aluminium profiles to cure

The extrusions are put into a curing oven to bake so that they have a uniformly melted coating.

Cooling the extrusions

After the extrusions are baked in the oven, they are removed and cooled off so that they have a smooth but hardened coating which adheres well to the surface.

The benefits of powder coating

  • It can give aesthetic appeal to aluminium with various colour options available. Innumerable amount of colour options and finished textures are possible with powder coating unlike in anodizing which can give it only a typical ‘aluminium’ appearance.
  • It is easier and more environment friendly than liquid coating as it doesn’t require a chemical solvent.
  • The powder coating is thick and it bonds to the surface of aluminium better and doesn’t chip, peel or flake very soon.
  • There is less waste in powder coating as the over-sprayed powder can be collected and reused.

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