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Powder Coating Aluminium to Ensure a Great Finish

Aluminium is a metal that has more natural corrosion resistance compared to other metals. Giving it a coating enhances the corrosion resistance and improves the aesthetics of the metal. Aluminium extrusions can be given many types of finishing – Painting, Anodizing or Powder Coating. Powder Coating is a method of protection of the aluminium by…
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Where to Head When You Need the Best Aluminium Extrusions

Understanding aluminium extrusion process Aluminium extrusion is a process by which a billet made of an aluminium alloy is forced to pass through a die with a particular cross-sectional profile. The extruded shapes differ according to the die shape of the cross-sectional profile. They could be of three main kinds; a) Solid, with no enclosed…
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Role of Aluminium in Aiding a Low Carbon Economy

The world has its eyes set on a circular carbon economy as it heads towards 2030 which is the deadline set by the UN for sustainable development goals across industries. The aspiration is to achieve a closed loop system that applies the four R’s – reduce, reuse, recycle, remove. This is an approach that focuses…
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