5 Machines Essential for Aluminium Extrusion Production

5 Machines Essential for Aluminium Extrusion Production

While exploring the dynamic world of aluminium extrusion, where raw materials experience a transformation similar to moulding clay, KMC Aluminium emerges as the leading aluminium extrusion profile manufacturer in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and India. Envision a strong force moulding aluminium alloy material through a die to shape it into intricate profiles, similar to how a potter moulds clay into vessels of various shapes and sizes. KMC Aluminium, being one of the best aluminium companies in Chennai and a prominent aluminium extrusion manufacturer in India, specialises in providing top-notch aluminium extrusion profiles that meet a wide range of industrial demands.

In this article, we’ll look at the 5 essential machines regarding aluminium extrusion, including the variety and accuracy required to create angles, pathways, and round tubes that meet a wide range of industrial demands.

The 5 essential machines would be:

  • Continuous Billet Heating 
  • Die Heating Oven 
  • Extrusion Press
  • Stretching and Straightening
  • Cutting
  1. Continuous Billet Heating: At KMC Aluminium, heating metal billets before aluminium extrusion is identical to a conductor fine-tuning an orchestra: excessive heat annihilates while inadequate heat causes rigidity. Finding the optimum balance is akin to tuning an instrument, resulting in smooth extrusion, desirable properties, and an extended die life for precise profiles.
  2. Die Heating Oven: The die oven, like a master conductor, ensures precise temperature control for every tool in the aluminium extrusion process. This meticulous approach, similar to a conductor’s timing regulation, prevents overheating-related issues like hardness loss, surface defects, and breakage, guaranteeing top-notch quality and precision in every profile at KMC Aluminium, one of the best aluminium companies in Chennai. 
  1. Extrusion Press: The direct aluminium extrusion process at KMC Aluminium is a symphony of precision, where the billet’s transformation is guided by a heavy-walled container. Forces fluctuate throughout, culminating in a forceful conclusion that defines the final shape. This balancing act of pressure and accuracy, including attention to details like the billet’s “butt end,” showcases our expertise as a preferred choice among aluminium extrusion companies in India.
  1. Stretching and Straightening: KMC Aluminium’s profile straightening machines ensure precise straightening of various profiles, functioning like master tailors for aluminium. Custom-made with adjustable rolls and planes, they meet each profile’s unique requirements, surpassing standards and solidifying our position as a top aluminium profile manufacturer in India.
  1. Cutting:  KMC Aluminium’s cutting machines feature advanced methods for detail, productivity, and consistency of performance, ensuring ease of use and convenient maintenance. Enhanced by imported carbide saw blades and digital display techniques, they guarantee precision in cutting sizes across various applications like industrial, curtain wall, ladder, and window/door profiles. With dual cutting heads for enhanced clarity, it serves as a vital cog in producing aluminium extrusion products of the highest calibre.


For superior aluminium extrusion, KMC Aluminium is the preferred option owing to its reliability and creative ideas. As one of the top aluminium companies in Chennai and a leading aluminium extrusion manufacturer in India, our modern machinery, which includes continuous billet heating and precise straightening methods, promises a superior finish in each profile. 

We are not just merely a supplier; we function as an innovative partner, providing special and tailored solutions that make us stand out as the go-to choice for discriminating customers looking for premium aluminium goods.