Month: December 2022

How do you Remove Iron Impurities from Molten Aluminium?

The pure aluminium extrusion process involves the mining of bauxite ore, producing alumina or aluminium oxide from the ore and then, extracting the pure metal, and extruding it into specific dies. However, one of the issues that can impact the quality of aluminium extruded is the presence of iron impurities. For one, it reduces the…
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Correction Methods for Flatness of Aluminium Extrusion Profile

When the aluminium material is pushed through a die and it comes out in the same shape as the die, this is called extrusion.  Aluminium can be extruded in different shapes such as  Solid (like an ingot) Hollow (like an aluminium tube) Semi-hollow (like rivets) Depending on the shape of the die and the requirement of…
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