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The lifecycle of our extruded products begins at the raw material stage, where we use only premium quality aluminium ingots to ensure reliability. The aluminium ingots are then melted and cast into billets of the required size. The billets are then heated to the optimum temperature and fed into any one of our three presses according to the client’s requirements.


KMC is now equipped to be a complete service provider for all your Aluminium needs, from start to finish. This allows us to serve our clients with finished products which are ready to consume immediately after delivery. We have in-house machinery for all of the following processes -> Slotting, Cutting, Tapping, Drilling, Chamfering, Anodizing, Powder Coating.

Products & Applications

Raw Material

KMC uses only 100% homogenized billets bought from Vedanta Resources Limited (BALCO).


With Ming-Sheng machinery imported from China, our Aluminium presses are equipped with a hot log shear furnace with most modern melting furnaces equipped.

About us


KMC aluminium is a Chennai-based manufacturer producing and supplying high quality aluminium extrusions.

Quality Policy

At KMC, we employ a 5-step quality control process, which is in accordance with ISO standards. The material and final product are double checked at every stage of production.


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Why Doesn’t Aluminium Rust?

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Automobile manufacturer
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Very good quality and delivery adherence. We have worked with KMC for 6 years and are very happy with the team and products supplied. Great follow up and always coming out with new services to ease the aluminium sourcing process for customers.
Elevator manufacturer
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We have been working with KMC for over 10 years now and they always go beyond what is expected. They match all our customer requirements and are always willing to take up challenges to satisfy their customers. Very dedicated team and good follow up!
Solar Panel assembler
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KMC has helped us create a niche in the solar market in Chennai. They have the best quality products in South India and always provide us with new variations that help us set our products apart.