Why Does Aluminium Have The Edge Over Stainless Steel?

Why Does Aluminium Have The Edge Over Stainless Steel?

History has been teaching us for years that stainless steel has a plethora of advantages over aluminium. However, researches have proven that aluminium today has the edge over stainless steel in more ways than one. In the early days, stainless steel was known for its performance and usage in terms of welding, cleaning, and bake-out, feats that were not capable by aluminium. However, aluminium has now erased most of the advantages of stainless steel, and given below are a few insights as to why aluminium has that much-needed edge in the modern world: 


The Ease And The Cost Factor

The prices of both these metals keep fluctuating depending on the global supply, but in the current market, aluminium is observed to be cheaper than stainless steel in terms of cost. Today, many aluminium extrusion companies confirm that this metal has wiped out a lot of advantages that stainless steel had over it in the past. For instance, aluminium has now overcome steel in terms of the ease of how the metal can be used in the welding and the sealing of leaks.


Properties That Make It A Better Choice

Aluminium is highly resistant to corrosion in comparison to stainless steel. In addition to that, the thermal conductivity of aluminium is higher than that of stainless steel as well. Therefore, aluminium is also very light and highly malleable in nature. Extrusion suppliers in Chennai are now focussing on these properties to increase the demand for aluminium in the market. Companies such as KMC Industries are also increasingly leveraging the recycling features of aluminium and its importance in today’s world. 



In short, aluminium, as a metal, has a great scope in the industrial market today. Although some of its advantages may coincide with stainless steel, aluminium has a lot of qualities that can be utilised immensely in the coming years.

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