The Solar Energy Industry & Aluminium Extrusion

The Solar Energy Industry & Aluminium Extrusion

Solar energy is rapidly growing as a sustainable/renewable source of energy that will soon replace other conventional carbon-based forms. Setting up a solar field was considered a high investment venture due to the silver used in the photovoltaic cells, until now. Of late, aluminium has been replacing silver as the major component in these cells, without affecting its productivity. This new development along with the current aluminium extrusion cost has the potential to reduce the total costs to around .6% of the ongoing rate.


Aluminium is transforming the renewable energy industry in other ways as well – aluminium extrusions are widely used to create a framework for solar panels, supports and connectors. The physical properties of aluminium such as strength, malleability and low weight, makes it the ideal choice for structural elements. Aluminium is also considered to be the preferred framework alternative due to these following reasons:


  • Aluminium trusses provide the same stability as their heavier steel counterpart.
  • Frames made from aluminium are lighter, making it easier to transport and assemble.
  • Aluminium offers more weather resistance as it is corrosion-free.
  • Designs can be made more flexible due to the additional malleability offered by aluminium.
  • An aluminium extrusion pipe offers more atypical and exact angles with fewer connectors than its other metal counterparts.


Extrusion companies in India are focusing on the newer applications of aluminium in various industries. We, at KMC Aluminium Pvt Ltd, are also working towards innovative technological advancements to open up newer applications for the use of aluminium.



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