Top 5 Benefits of Using Aluminium Doors for Office Spaces

Top 5 Benefits of Using Aluminium Doors for Office Spaces

It is not enough that office spaces are just functional. They need to be aesthetically pleasing as well. Design empathy has to be a crucial component in construction and it has to be accommodated without compromising on operational elements. Exactly for this reason we see more and more office spaces deploying aluminium for various uses. Most of the doors beginning from the main door to the doors separating workspaces to the rest rooms are now made of aluminium. Some of the key reasons for this universal shift are the following:

Aesthetic appeal – With the variety of styles and designs available in aluminium, sky is the limit in design options and freedom that comes with it. A powder-coated aluminium door can make a tremendous impact on the general elegance of the office space. It is also an added benefit that aluminium blends well with most of the architectural styles. Aluminium renders a premium look to the office space and creates a stylish and favourable impression on the visitors and a pleasant experience for the occupants of the space as well. The sleekness of the material makes offices and buildings look more spacious.

Easy maintenance coupled with longer life – Maintenance or organising one is one of the peskiest activities that can put off many an enthusiastic admin in charge. Here aluminium scores a brownie point by being the most fuss free material one can use. Aluminium is one of the easiest to clean and can do with just one or two cleanings a year as compared to monthly as in the case of other materials like wood. They don’t need expensive cleaning materials or equipment either.

Energy and cost efficiency – The insulating nature and thermal efficiency of aluminium keeps spaces from being extremely hot in summer months or extremely cold in winter months. Aluminium being one of the most recycled materials makes it more sustainable and less damaging on the environment while reducing carbon footprint. The recycling possibilities also keep the metal cost effective compared to other metals or materials. Aluminium is cheaper to use while retaining customising options.

Fire and rust resistance – The durability of aluminium in comparison to wood or iron is huge. Aluminium is not susceptible to swelling during the rainy season or termites. The other vital benefit is that they don’t rust like other metals.The safety is also high with aluminium being waterproof and fire resistant. So, a fire incident or natural calamities like storms or flooding will not have too detrimental an impact on doors made of aluminium.  Aluminium doors do not contract or expand depending on weather conditions.

Strength of material – Aluminium doors can be very strong and sleek thin frames have the capacity to hold heavy glass in place without damaging them. Glass could look quite inelegant if framed with huge and bulky frames. Aluminium doors offer safety to office spaces. While pure aluminium has only a tensile strength of about 90 MPa, as an alloy it can be increased to over 690 MPa making it one of the lightest and strongest to engineer and suit the requirements.

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