Where to Head When You Need the Best Aluminium Extrusions

Where to Head When You Need the Best Aluminium Extrusions

Understanding aluminium extrusion process

Aluminium extrusion is a process by which a billet made of an aluminium alloy is forced to pass through a die with a particular cross-sectional profile. The extruded shapes differ according to the die shape of the cross-sectional profile. They could be of three main kinds;

a) Solid, with no enclosed voids or openings like in a rod, beam, or angle,

b) Hollow, with one or more voids like in square or rectangular tube or

c) Semi-hollow, with a partially enclosed void like in a ā€œCā€ channel with a narrow gap

During the process a powerful press rams or pushes the alloy through the die and the extruded aluminium emerges on the other side in the desired shape. Hydraulic presses can exert anything between 100 tons to 15,000 tons of pressure and the size of the extrusion produced is determined by the pressure capacity of the press.

At the onset of extrusion, the billet is still in solid state, but has been softened in a furnace to aid casting. When pressure is applied, the billet is pressed hard against the die and becomes shorter and wider as much as the container walls permits. When the pressure keeps increasing, the billet has no choice but squeeze out through the die with the specific shape and emerge on the other side as a fully formed solid profile.

The profile is then cut off at the die and the still-hot extrusion is quenched, mechanically treated or aged, to give it the desired physical and metallurgical properties. After required ageing is completed, profiles can be cut, bent, welded and are ready to be shipped.

Aluminium extruded in this manner has many applications across various industries like architecture, construction, automobile, electrical, electronics, energy and aerospace to name a few. Aluminium extrusion process eventually results in 8 to 24 feet long profiles that can then be heat treated, finished, and fabricated according to customer specifications.

Why KMC aluminium is your best aluminium profile supplier option

KMC Aluminium is a Chennai-based manufacturer producing and supplying high quality aluminium extrusions. Over a short period of time, KMC has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of aluminium extruded products in the country.

The company uses modern facilities and latest imported machineries to surge ahead and achieve global recognition in aluminium production. KMC currently has three aluminium presses of different capacities and the installed production capacity is 8,400 MT per annum. It is also equipped with a very elaborate testing lab to test for hardness and chemical composition of finished products(Spectro). This setup is supplemented with arrangements for testing profiles as well. 

KMC presently produces about 700 tons of aluminium extruded products per month with great scope for scaling up. With the advancement in facilities, and highly qualified and trained crew KMC is aiming for greater heights by being the best aluminium company in Chennai. KMC assures quality products with excellent scope for processing aluminium reforming activities.

KMC has a proven track record in executing projects in the specified time schedule without compromising on quality and safety. The dedicated quality control team carefully checks all the products and raw materials against various parameters to ensure complete satisfaction to our customers. The company adheres to the highest standards of quality in all unit practices and operations as well

KMC can be considered the leading Tamilnadu aluminium company which has supplied aluminium to some of the most prestigious projects across the country and has built the reputation of being a top of the line aluminium extrusion profiles manufacturers in India.

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