Why Aluminium Should Be The Primary Choice for Doors & Windows

Why Aluminium Should Be The Primary Choice for Doors & Windows

The doors and windows in homes and office spaces are vital aesthetic elements. Beyond utility, they also have the role as interesting elements of interior design. Even for living spaces having good quality décor, equally good doors and windows are essential to elevate the appearance. The kind of options and variety available is mind boggling these days, but aluminium comes across as a formidable option due to many inherent qualities possessed by the metal.

Energy efficient and affordable – Aluminium window and door frames provide very high thermal insulation. This is because special insulation polyamides are used in designing them. It results in overall reduction in power usage and thereby reduces energy bills. The thermal insulation characteristic of aluminium works as an advantage both in summer and winter weather. Apart from the cost effectiveness through power saving, in comparison to other options like wood or PVC, aluminium doors are much more affordable as well. They are more reasonably priced and hence economical to use.

Longevity, durability and ease of maintenance – Aluminium is highly durable and that justifies its wide usage as doors and windows. They are not prone to rotting or bending like wood and cleaning and maintenance becomes easier. Cleaning aluminium is quite simple as it requires just wiping with damp cloth or occasional use of soap water. Very little effort keeps the doors bright and smooth. This simplicity makes them truly low maintenance.

Weather proof and protects against rust, rainwater, heavy winds and storms – Aluminium offers maximum protection against elements of nature like rainwater, winds and storms. It is rust proof and corrosion and termite resistant as well. If given proper treatments, aluminium has the capacity to retain the appealing appearance and quality of performance for a long time. In areas prone to vagaries of weather and heavy winds, aluminium is a much stronger option to go with because it is structurally strong. Wood on the other hand is prone to getting warped and twisted when exposed to harsh weather conditions. Aluminium building fixtures come with special drain tracks that function as a dam to capture rainwater and drain it out. They also come with a sill arrangement that helps in preventing the air pressure from pushing the rainwater into the home interiors.

Sound proofing – Aluminium doors and windows come with excellent sound insulating properties. Their fusion-welded joints help in overall sealing of frames and prevent entry of external noise. Hence, aluminium windows provide users with a quiet, relaxing and stress-free environment in homes and offices.  

Greener option being environment friendly – Aluminium is one of the most recycled metals in comparison to all other metals. Recycling uses only 5% of the initial energy used in production. This makes the material a thoroughly sustainable and environment friendly option. The life of the metal is much more than traditional options like wood or PVC. Aluminium has a low carbon footprint, and whenever the aluminium frames or panes are replaced, the old ones can be used for making other objects.

Highly customisable and provides variety– A wide range of finishes and colours are available in aluminium doors and windows. This gives users a wide variety of choices. Depending upon the finish you choose for your interiors, you can match it to the finish of the door and windows. The aesthetic appeal aluminium holds in modern architecture is incomparable.

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