What is the Quality Policy Undertaken at KMC Aluminium?

What is the Quality Policy Undertaken at KMC Aluminium?

KMC Aluminium is committed to providing high quality comprehensive services in aluminium extrusion catering to various industries such as manufacturing, construction, automotive, instrumentation, aerospace and renewable energy. KMC Aluminium is the largest producer of aluminium extrusions in Tamil nadu with a capacity of 6,000 metric tonnes and has sustained as a leader in the market due to our uncompromising stance on quality, not only of the physical products, but also in service delivery and reliability.

Quality, Safety & Timely Delivery are the keystones of Quality Policy at KMC Aluminium. The 5-step quality policy followed at KMC is in accordance with the ISO standards based on ISO 9001-2015 and TS16949: 2009. It has enabled the company to be recognised as one of the noteworthy aluminium extrusion manufacturers known for quality in India.

The policy is derived by checking the material and final product at every stage of production, right from the acceptance of the raw material.  The products are tested at the following stages:

  • Sourcing of Raw Materials
  • Ingot Melting & Billet Cutting
  • Extrusion Press
  • Stretching & Cutting
  • Final Inspection

Sourcing of Raw Materials 

Premium quality aluminium ingots or billets are used. KMC Aluminium uses only 100% homogenised billets bought from Vedanta Resources Ltd. (BALCO). These are manufactured by the sophisticated Wagstaff casting technique that uses Air Slip technology. As a result, these 100% aluminium ingots have better surface finish, anodising quality and hardness. All  the materials are inspected by the quality team on arrival.

Ingot Melting & Billet cutting 

In the case of ingots, they are sent to a furnace to be melted and moulded into billets. They are then cast into logs which are force cooled and cut into billets. These billets are inspected for length, bend and composition. The rejected ones are scrapped and sent back to the furnace for melting.

Extrusion Press

The billets are taken to the heating furnace  and the extrusion press to be extruded to the required shape and standard. The outcome of this process is checked by the quality team for dimensions and visual hygiene. Once again, all the rejected material is scrapped.

Stretching & Cutting

The extruded billets are sent for further processing and fabrication through stretching and cutting. The key aspect here is the inspection for finer qualities such as shape, bend and twist. It is the diligence displayed by our quality team in these elements that makes KMC Aluminium one of the best aluminium fabricators in Chennai.

Final Inspection

The fabricated billets are then taken for ageing as per requirement. Here they are ready for the Final Inspection for dimensions, finish and other specific mechanical parameters. KMC Aluminium offers Anodising services for the extruded billets. This increases its resistance to corrosion and regular wear and tear. After anodising, billets are finally finished and packed for dispatch.

The company takes keen effort to ensure that the policy is clear, implemented and communicated not just internally to the workforce, but also to the vendors and contractors who work with on our products. KMC Aluminium has supplied its products to some of the most prestigious projects across India and abroad. It is our commitment to the timely delivery of products of high quality that has helped us create a reputation of being the best aluminium company in Chennai.

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