Tips for Choosing the Right Colour for Aluminium Windows & Doors

Tips for Choosing the Right Colour for Aluminium Windows & Doors

Whether you are building or renovating, colour is going to play an important part in your home’s appeal. Opting for an aluminium door or window not only offers low-maintenance durability but also a chance to showcase your personal style on your home’s decor and look. The versatility of this metal provides homeowners with one of the greatest benefits when it comes to exterior design.

Here are some tips to consider while shopping for the best colours that add the perfect finishing touch to your project.

The Choice: Powder Coating or Anodised

When choosing a finish for your windows or doors, you may consider powder coating or anodizing. Powder Coating provides a durable layer that is tougher than regular paint, and comes in a range of colours and finishes, including matt, satin, and gloss. The matt finish is suitable for modern and industrial styles, while satin and gloss are popular in classic and traditional homes. On the other hand, anodizing involves treating the metal to strengthen the oxide layer, resulting in a corrosion and wear-resistant surface with a subtle metallic sheen. Both powder coating and anodizing options require very little maintenance and will maintain their colour and shine for many years. 

Arriving at a Colour Palette

Selecting the right colour scheme for the outside of your house involves choosing three hues – the primary colour for your walls, a secondary colour for your front door or shutters, and a third colour for the window frames, door frames, gutters, and downpipes. You can opt to either coordinate or contrast these colours, but it’s essential to ensure that they harmonise tonally to achieve a cohesive look for your exterior.

Check the Architectural Style of Your Home

Your home has a unique architectural design, and it’s crucial to choose colours that complement it rather than clash it. For instance, classic colours such as white and cream go well with Victorian-style homes, while bold colours like red, black, and anthracite grey work great for modernistic architectural styles.

Begin by Matching Colours 

It is important to choose the same colour for both your aluminium doors and windows. For example, a mahogany coloured window would go well with a similarly mahogany coloured door. This matching technique creates a professional and aesthetic sense, making your home look polished and cohesive.

Consider the Exterior and Surroundings of Your Home

It’s essential to consider the exterior of your home, the immediate surroundings, and the neighbourhood you live in when choosing colours for your aluminium windows and doors. For example, if your home has a red brick exterior, mahogany or black would be great colour choices.

Take Your Personal Taste into Account

Your taste plays a crucial role in selecting the colours for your aluminium doors and windows. Choose colours that complement your unique style and personality, whether you prefer natural colours for a calm vibe, classic colours like grey for a nostalgic touch, or vibrant colours like green, yellow, and blue for a warm and fun-loving personality.

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