How Long Must You Wait For Your Drawn Aluminium Tube Order?

How Long Must You Wait For Your Drawn Aluminium Tube Order?

A manufacturing process, Aluminium Fabrication or aluminium shaping is the process through which Aluminium can be manipulated or shaped into the desired part, component or end product. This has a wide number of uses as the metal is used as raw material for various products such as kitchen utensils, furniture like chairs and tables, air conditioners and automobiles among others. The extreme malleable quality of aluminium allows it to be a good metal that can, under certain chemical and physical processes, be changed in terms of thickness, height and width. This manipulation of its shape can be done in various ways and two widely popular choices are: Drawn Aluminum and Extruded Aluminium. The choice depends on various factors such as lead time (), cost and process of fabrication.

The Drawn Aluminium Tubing Method is when the aluminium is pulled into a die cavity and undergoes ‘plastic deformation’ in colder or room temperature, which changes its shape. This process is usually used to make products that are circular or cylindrical in shape. Drawn Aluminium Tubing produces results that last longer and are comparatively more durable. However, apart from the fact that they are more expensive than Extruded Aluminium Tubing, they also have a long lead time. That is, you have to wait for a minimum of 25 to 30 weeks for the production process to get over and the product/s to reach your hands. 

Based on the needs of the customer, they can choose the Drawn Aluminium Tubing method. If the budget is generous and the deadline for the intended projects is considerably free, they may choose this method. But most of the time, the clientele prefer ease of obtaining the products, that is, a faster delivery over other concerns. Hence, depending on the urgency of the requirements and the time planned for the respective projects, the customer can opt for which method to continue with. If there’s a budget constraint, and/ or time constraint, it is best to skip the Drawn method and go ahead with the Extruded Aluminium Method. 

The Extruded Aluminium Tubing Method, as against the Drawn method, takes place in an environment with high-temperature where the aluminium is forced through a shape mould. A variety of shapes such as circular, angular, etc can be made. This method is advantageous in two ways: since it requires fewer tools than the Drawn method, the process costs cheaper. Additionally, the lead times for the Extruded Method are as low as 5-10 weeks. 

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