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KMC Aluminium is Tamil Nadu’s largest Aluminium extrusion manufacturer with a capacity of over 6,000 metric tonnes annually. Since 2006, KMC has been promising and supplying the best quality metal to its customers through which it quickly created its brand, both nationally and internationally.



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    Your information is safe with us

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    Over the years, KMC Aluminium has supplied aluminium to some of the most prestigious projects across the country which has enabled them to be Tamil Nadu’s leading aluminium manufacturer. With the use of homogenized billets, KMC satisfies its customers’ quality standards from start to finish. Our products are extensively used in a wide spectrum of industries, a few being aerospace, railways, solar, automobiles, architecture, and transportation.

    Value Addition

    State-of-the-art equipment for Slotting, Drilling, Tapping, Chamfering, Punching, Cutting

    New services to benefit customers

    Complete service provider for all your aluminium needs - from start to finish

    Product ready for consumer consumption on delivery

    Thought leadership in B2B & B2C

    Infrastructure & Machinery


    We have been working with KMC for over 10 years now and they always go beyond what is expected. They match all our customer requirements and are always willing to take up challenges to satisfy their customers. Very dedicated team and good follow up!

    Elevator manufacturer

    KMC has helped us create a niche in the solar market in Chennai. They have the best quality products in south India and always provide us with new variations that help us set our products apart.

    Solar Panel assembler

    Very good quality and delivery adherence. We have worked with KMC for 6 years and are very happy with the team and products supplied. Great follow up and always coming out with new services to ease the aluminium sourcing process for customers.

    Automobile manufacturer

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