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The Rise Of 3D Printing & Aluminium’s Role

3D printing is a fairly new technique that has huge ramifications for the future of manufacturing – broadly speaking, the process involves the solidification of molecules in a liquid or powdered form under computer control in a manner that results in the creation of a solid 3D object. Currently being used for the manufacturing of…
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The Solar Energy Industry & Aluminium Extrusion

Solar energy is rapidly growing as a sustainable/renewable source of energy that will soon replace other conventional carbon-based forms. Setting up a solar field was considered a high investment venture due to the silver used in the photovoltaic cells, until now. Of late, aluminium has been replacing silver as the major component in these cells,…
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Why Does Aluminium Have The Edge Over Stainless Steel?

History has been teaching us for years that stainless steel has a plethora of advantages over aluminium. However, researches have proven that aluminium today has the edge over stainless steel in more ways than one. In the early days, stainless steel was known for its performance and usage in terms of welding, cleaning, and bake-out,…
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The Metal of the Future

The “Aluminium Age” is here, and how! As this metal is getting increasingly widespread, more people are now realising the value and versatility of it. Over the past few years, KMC aluminium company, Tamil Nadu’s leading expert, has been providing services in the world of aluminium. At KMC, we employ a 5-step process which is…
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